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I just read an interesting blog post by Adam Schefter, the breaking news reporter for NFL Network. He proposed the idea that the San Francisco 49ers are assembling a coaching staff built to accomodate former Madden star Michael Vick.

Mike Vick Could Be The Next Alex Smith (A No.1 Pick Whose Career Ended In SF)

Mike Vick Could Be The Next Alex Smith (A No.1 Pick Whose Career Ended In SF)

Here is what Adam had to say— (link to the site)

The 49ers are being secretive about their offensive plans, but it’s not hard to connect the dots in this case.

The 49ers are interviewing former Falcons head coach Dan Reeves today for their offensive coordinator vacancy. Reeves was Atlanta’s head coach in 2001, when the team traded for the No. 1 overall draft pick to use on QB Michael Vick.

One day earlier, the 49ers interviewed Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson, who used to coach Vick in Atlanta. And San Francisco also has expressed some interest in former Falcons wide receivers coach Mike Johnson, who coached quarterbacks in Baltimore and also knows Vick well.

So, some of the candidates the 49ers have begun to focus on all have connections to Vick, who could be back in the NFL as early as this summer after being released from federal prison.

No team has a greater need for a quarterback than the 49ers, but this isn’t to say they will pursue him. But the coaches they’re pursuing now all know and have worked with Vick.

And if that’s not enough of a conspiracy theory, then consider this: On Thursday, the 49ers signed former Falcons CB Jimmy Williams, Vick’s college teammate who lives in Hampton, Va., the next town over from where Vick has a house.

Might all just be coincidence. But might not.


The Mike Vick Fan Club

The Mike Vick Fan Club

Here is my two cents on the issue. Michael Vick committed a crime. As a result, he was found guilty and served the required prison time. In the last few years there have been several NFL players involved in legal problems. Pacman Jones did god-knows-what to god-knows-who, Chris Henry was arrested more times than his age, and Matt Jones was busted for felony cocaine possession. These are serious crimes, and yet the media/public have not called for them to never play football again. Mike Vick was involved in dogfighting, which I admit is a terrible deed, but even after he has served prison time the public seems unwilling to forgive him.

Several players have been involved in criminal conduct and later embraced by fans (Michael Irvin anyone?). In all fairness, Mike Vick should be afforded the same treatment. Do I endorse what he did? No. Do I think he should have been punished? Yes. But do I believe that his crimes should end his playing career? No, absolutely not.

The Michael Vick Saga is on the horizon. Come this summer when he is out of prison and prepping for training camp… prepare for the media frenzy.


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