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Tiger receives the trophy from golf icon and host Arnold Palmer

Tiger Receives the Trophy from Golf Legend and Tournament Host Arnold Palmer

The world’s most dominant athlete (as voted by ESPN Viewers) has officially returned.

Sure, most people take a little while to recover and return from an ACL injury.  Sure, most people even catch a little slack from fans and critics alike once they finally do make it back.  Heck, a few have even been known to use it as an excuse or justification, but not if your name is Tiger Woods.

Down 5 strokes to start the final day, Tiger came out roaring in typical Sunday fashion to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational. It helps that the mere sight of “Woods” on the leaderboard causes his competitors’ stomachs to get queasy.   A 16-foot dagger to the heart of Sean O’Hair on the 18th green at Bay Hill solidified Tiger’s fifth overall win at the event held by the legendary Arnold Palmer.  Tiger’s birdie on 18 to win was the 3rd time he’s won the event in such a fashion and the gracious host, Arnie himself, said it best “There wasn’t any question about it, was there?”

No Arnie, indeed there was not.  While some began to question Tiger’s killer instinct and inner strength after not winning his first tournament back from knee surgery, he went a long way toward’s silencing that crowd on Sunday.  Now 1 for 2 on his return, an even more impressive statistic shows that after Tiger missed the cut at the 2006 U.S. Open, an error which some believed would prove he was human after all, Tiger has won a ridiculous 18 of 32 events.  While there is no mathmatical equation to put that into comparable numbers in other sports (winning 4 of 6 super bowls, 6 of 8 NBA championships, etc.) one thing remains unchanged.  No face in sports today is more recognizable around the world than the one of Tiger Woods.

And to Eldrick: welcome back, you were missed.


My apologies to Les Miles.

(and also to our most loyal follower Will Reno for allowing golf to be published before soccer as well, I promise futbol will have it’s day in the sun)

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