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It’s Hockey Night at Remember the Sonics! Yes, the one sport that you thought you’d never see on RTS has made its first appearance.

Earlier this week Tuukka Rask, a goalie for the AHL’s Providence Bruins, threw the equivalent of a temper tantrum on ice following a shootout loss. You can see the footage below:

My favorite moment comes around 0:18, where Rask tries to pound his goalie stick into the wall and partially slips, resulting in an awkward fall/swing which made Happy Gilmore’s skating skills look pristine.

I think the most awkward interactions in this video are between Rask and his teammates. his teammates are stuck in between the following thoughts: “I wonder if he’s ok,” and “Jesus, I hope he doesn’t swing at me next.” The result? A lot of stares, some nervous glances, and everyone shuffling out of his way to make an aisle off the ice.

I would like to once again welcome hockey to Remember the Sonics!

It was a good run, hockey, we’ll see you again 2010.


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This just in: the Oklahoma Sooners have put out a hit on Morgan State freshman Ameer Ali.

Let me preface this by saying that when the following event took place, Oklahoma was up around 20-30 points, meaning that the game was signed, sealed, and delivered to Oklahoma’s doorstep.

In the second half of Thursday’s NCAA Tournament game between Oklahoma and Morgan State, Ali and Griffin were fighting for a rebound when the matter got out of hand.

Ali and Griffin went up for a rebound, came down with their arms interlocked, and then both tried to pull themselves free of eachother. Ali apparently felt like he was being harassed by Griffin, because he grabbed Griffin’s arm and dragged the National Player of the Year (by the shoulder) over his body. Griffin did a complete flip before landing on the ground (nearly landing on the back of his neck) and Ameer Ali was ejected immediately.

When I first saw this incident here is what I thought:

  1. Horace Grant's Illegitimate Son Plays for Morgan State

    Horace Grant's Illegitimate Son Plays for Morgan State

    What was Blake Griffin still doing in the game?

  2. Who let Horace Grant play for Morgan State?
  3. Thank god he did not land on his neck.
  4. Oh ****! My bracket!
  5. How can Ameer Ali be stupid enough to literally body slam an opponent directly in front of a referee?
  6. Is Ali crazy? If he hurts Blake Griffin in any way Sooner fans nation-wide will hunt him down and kill him. Why? Because everyone knows that if Blake Griffin goes down, so do the Sooners title hopes.

It’s a shame when a team is getting blown out and doesn’t know how to handle it. No one likes to lose, but with this act Ameer Ali brought losing to a new low. Greg Gumbel called it “easily the bush league play of the tournament so far,” and had Griffin been hurt Ali would have faced some serious repercussions.

It is said that in order to be a great player one must know how to win, but also how to lose. Ameer Ali missed the memo on this life lesson.

Any athlete knows there are times when you just want to beat the hell out of your opponent. Unfortunately, you can’t do it with your fists. If you want to prove a point, do it on the court. If you can’t do it on the court (as Ali couldn’t) then just buck it up, go home, and wait for your next chance.


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