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I hope Chevrolet is happy with their current ad campaign. You know, the one that features Howie Long being a jerk to nearly everyone he comes in contact with.

Here is what I love about this commercial:

  1. This commercial makes it seem as if using a step-down ladder makes you weak – I am an active 23 year old guy, and if I had to choose between jumping off a truck and using a ladder I’d have to think about it. I’ve busted a knee or landed awkwardly jumping out of a truck several times. Just because most men on earth weren’t built to play in the NFL doesn’t mean they’re lesser men.
  2. Howie Long doesn’t know the owner of the Ford truck – You’re telling me instead of saying “Hey man, you left your step down,” Howie Long opted to let the guy know in the biggest jackass fashion available. Howie pretty much said, “Hey man, you left that step down on your truck. You know, the one that you use because you’re not enough of a man to get out of your truck without it. You suck.”
  3. The commercial asks the viewer whether they would rather have a “man step” or a warranty – Yeah, because those two items are obviously connected… I propose this question: why not ask for both? I will take the Ford F-150 with the man-step and a good warranty. The fact that this commercial hinges on a connection between a step and a warranty makes me hope someone in marketing got fired.

What I hate the most about this ad campaign is that Howie Long is taking out his apparent hate for Ford Motors on anyone who drives one. He stops people in parking lots, points and laughs when they drop stuff out of their trunk, and makes fun of a guy’s truck for its gas mileage (now that is manly).

Let’s be honest, if Howie Long stopped you and made fun of your “man step,” would you just get embarrassed and walk away? I think not. Here is how this conversation would have gone in real life:

Howie: Hey, buddy, you left your little “man step” down.
Guy: My “man step?”
Howie: Yeah, that thing on the back of your truck.
Guy: I’m not done using it yet, I still have to load a few things in.
Howie: Well just be a man and put them in there without the step.
Guy: Why would I put them in without the step? It comes standard on the new F-150.

"Convenience if for Girly Men!"

"Convenience is for Girly Men!"

Howie: I know it does,  but I think it’s stupid.
Guy: Oh, well I guess you’re entitled to that opinion.
Howie: I mean, don’t you just feel like a girl every time you use it?
Guy: Not really. I have chronic back pains and my doctor told me I couldn’t keep stepping up and down out of my old truck.
Howie: Chronic back pain?
Guy: Yeah, I’m 43 and still working my farm. This thing helps me do that.
Howie: So you can’t work your farm without it?
Guy: Nope.
Howie: I bet you could if you drove a Chevy.
Guy: What? How does that even make sense?
Howie: Chevy offers a great warranty.
Guy: Yeah, but in my current physical condition I can’t make it in and out of the truck bed twenty times a day anymore.
Howie: Well that man step just makes it worse.
Guy: How? It helps me get into the truck bed.
Howie: You wouldn’t need it if you drove a Chevy.
Guy: I thought we already had this conversation.
Howie: We did, and I’m saying it again. Little steps are for girls.
Guy: I’m not really sure where you’re going with this so I’m just gonna leave.
Howie: Ok, well good talk.
Guy: Not really, Howie. (gets into car)
Howie: Seriously though, that step sucks.
Guy: (out the window while driving away) Screw off, Howie Long!

I think that’s a little more realistic. For now, I will have to settle for watching Howie Long talk down to innocent Ford-Owners for the remainder of the NCAA Tournament.

More to come on other terrible ad campaigns…


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