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After the first weekend of March (the greatest sports month in my opinion), the NCAA Tournament field has been trimmed in half and there are 16 teams left standing.  Not so surprisingly, there haven’t been many upsets. Because of this, all those brackets that gambled on a few major upsets are now wadded up in the corner like mine.  Seriously, I’m tied for last in my family league… which my mom is winning… (sigh).

Pittsburgh C Dajuan Blair

Pittsburgh C Dajuan Blair

In all honesty, I expected this. I just didn’t want to believe it. All four No.1 seeds, No.2 seeds, and No.3 seeds have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Joining them are two No.4 seeds, a No.5 seed, and Arizona as the outcast No.12 seed, the lone “bracket buster” to make it through the first weekend.

Despite my Elite Eight losing only one team in Arizona State (don’t ask), the weekend wasn’t all that grand. Story lines focused on the “what could have been” teams over the “can you believe that!” teams,  Blake Griffin and Dajuan Blair were allowed to maul people (and get away with it) because of their star power, and instead of focusing on Cinderalla-caliber teams, the media didn’t shut up about some kids parents in the stands  (if you don’t believe the frenzy watch the Oklahoma v. Syracuse game and count the number of times you see the ugly mugs of the Griffin parents— I’ll give you great odds that it’s over 20).

All things considered it was an incredible weekend of basketball with great games played by some upset-minded teams, but if one thing was evident to me this weekend, it is the need for new officiating crews and announcing teams.

Despite these problems, March Madness is still the best time of year for any one sport. However, instead of the better teams getting help from officials and praise from announcers, we  need a little more madness.  Look for it as best you can this next weekend, but don’t be surprised when the top seeds keep rolling and we’re left with No.1’s and No.2’s across the board for the Elite Eight.


Oh, and I almost forgot… my apologies to Les Miles.

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