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It’s Hockey Night at Remember the Sonics! Yes, the one sport that you thought you’d never see on RTS has made its first appearance.

Earlier this week Tuukka Rask, a goalie for the AHL’s Providence Bruins, threw the equivalent of a temper tantrum on ice following a shootout loss. You can see the footage below:

My favorite moment comes around 0:18, where Rask tries to pound his goalie stick into the wall and partially slips, resulting in an awkward fall/swing which made Happy Gilmore’s skating skills look pristine.

I think the most awkward interactions in this video are between Rask and his teammates. his teammates are stuck in between the following thoughts: “I wonder if he’s ok,” and “Jesus, I hope he doesn’t swing at me next.” The result? A lot of stares, some nervous glances, and everyone shuffling out of his way to make an aisle off the ice.

I would like to once again welcome hockey to Remember the Sonics!

It was a good run, hockey, we’ll see you again 2010.


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