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Just another night at the ballpark if you are a Colorado Rockies fan…

After a quiet home series against the Marlins (only 20 combined runs in three games) the Rockies current series against Houston has exploded into a “No Pitchers Allowed” two-day (so far) party.

Here are some highlights from Wednesday night’s box score:

  • 9 innings of baseball played
  • 26 total runs scored
  • 36 total hits
  • 12 extra-base hits (9 doubles, 1 triple, 2 home runs)
  • Houston Astros – .470 team batting average
  • .404 Astros/Rockies combined batting average
  • Starting Pitchers – 13.03 combined ERA

Honorable Mention Stat O’ The Night: In the first two games of this series the Rockies/Astros have combined for 39 runs in 18 innings of play… Yikes.


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