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We are live at halftime of the Super Bowl, here is a quick update of the Fighting Ben Roethlisbergers v. The Fighting Kurt Warners.

First-Half MVP: James Harrison – He has shown why he won the AP Defensive Player of the Year. This looked like a guaranteed tie game until he rumbled 100-yds to paydirt with an errant Kurt Warner throw to close out the first half.

First-Half LVP: Kurt Warner – His line looks alright, but he has only found the best player on the field (THE Larry Fitzgerald) once… not good enough. He needs to meet Fitzgerald some time in the next half for the Cards to have a chance.

Willie Parker's Backfield Elusiveness Fuels the Pitt Offense

Willie Parker has Dodged Several Backfield Tackles

Misleading Stat Line of the Half (For the Better): Willie Parker – 8 Rushes, 34yds. Averaging 4.3 a carry does no justice to what Willie Parker has done for the Steelers. He has been wrapped up in the backfield multiple times and escaped to save 3-4 yards. In those situations, 4.3 yards isn’t average, it’s extraordinary.

Misleading Stat Line of the Half (For the Worse): Ben Roethlisberger – 11-14, 130yds, 0TD, 1INT. His yardage was excellent, and his completion percentage was good as well. However, his night has been a series of low-risk throws with huge chunks of yardage after the catch. Here is a quick recap of the Roethlisberger’s night:

  • Drive 1:  PA Pass,  Quick Pass, (Drive Result: Field Goal)
  • Drive 2: PA Screen Pass, PA Deep Ball (Incomplete), Screen Pass, 11yd Pass, 7yd Pass, Screen Pass (Drive Result: Touchdown Run)
  • Drive 3: PA Pass, Deep Ball (Incomplete), PA Screen Pass, -2yd Pass (Drive Result: Punt)
  • Drive 4:  Interception.

The Steelers Win If: The D keeps trucking. They are blitzing the A-Gaps and pressuring Warner, and if they can continue to shut down the run-game while pressuring Warner into bad throws it’s game over. The Pitt offense doesn’t matter— as long as the D keeps rolling.

The Cardinals Win If: Roethlisberger turns it over again (and again). The Arizona offense has shown signs of life (2 Drives inside the 5yd line), but if they don’t force the Pitt offense into mistake, the Cards might not have the stamina to make long drives.

Prediction: One more Big Ben TO and the Steelers win by 4… Any more than that and the Cardinal could steal this one. Probable outcome: Steelers by 6.


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… then they’d be like every other team left in the NFL playoffs with their flying mascots, but they don’t. That’s okay, as of the time of this article 70% of America are picking the Steelers in the Super Bowl and 40% have them winning it. As for this black and gold journalist, why the heck wouldn’t I agree?


A sixth Lombardi trophy for Pittsburgh would be the most of any NFL franchise.

Here’s my pick right now, somebody from Pennsylvania will win this Super Bowl. Defenses win championships, it’s been discussed ad naseum (even in only the first four posts on this site) so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following so far, but an offense will have to score once or twice… right? Only one thing stands in the way of a “ring for the other thumb” in my opinion, and that’s the hated Ravens from Baltimore. After two hard fought, extremely close games, I’m predicting this one to be a little more one-sided.

With the emergence of a healthy Willie Parker last week the Steelers seemed to have peaked at the right time and now will make a push to be more balanced then the two previous meetings in which they threw the ball much more than anticipated, weather permitting of course. On the other side of the ball you have to be extremely impressed with the play of Joe Flacco, rookie quarterback out of Delaware, not to mention the also over-discussed Ravens defense and the difficult task of beating the same team three times within the same season.

AP Defensive MVP, Steelers LB James Harrison.

AP Defensive MVP, Steelers LB James Harrison

Still, I think the difference in this game will be the ability, or lack thereof, for Pittsburgh to establish a running game and whether or not either defense scores a touchdown. If neither “D” puts points on the board and the men of steel can run it, I look for a 14-17 point Pittsburgh victory. If not, time for the third barn-burner in as many tries and either team could win it, with the Steelers just slightly more than a coin-flip favorite in my mind.

Regardless of the outcome, I will personally guarantee that at least one helmet or two will get knocked off and it will be a very good thing the players aren’t mic’d up for this one or else it wouldn’t be family appropriate. Two teams built around running the football, solid quarterback play and great defense (best two in the league statistically speaking this year defensively) will put on yet another textbook lesson on how to hit and hate this weekend. Sit back, enjoy, and keep the women and small children who might get scared easily away from the screen.


My apologies to Les Miles.

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