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Seriously though, who knew that the University of South Carolina played basketball? Last night South Carolina beat the fighting Billy Donovans with the best buzzer-beating shot so far this season. Take a look:

I want to know two things:

  • Was that Kevin Love throwing that outlet pass? Or maybe Brett Favre? That guy threw a Clemens-esque heater approximately forty yards downfield— and it was a strike. In case anyone missed it I tried my best to mix as many sports analogies as I could.
  • What in the world was Florida’s last defender doing? Counting ceiling tiles? Waving to his girlfriend? Hitting on the cheerleaders? I’ll tell you what he wasn’t doing… playing defense. That guy was supposed to be the safety! Yeah, the guy shooting free throws should have hit them to at least guarantee overtime, but still… I place the blame on the Gator who fell asleep at half court.

Love it or hate it, you had to enjoy watching it. That’s how buzzer-beaters should be.

I can’t wait ’til March…


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